The survival of NGOs is at stake YSJB 2022 OCT

The survival of NGOs is at stake!

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – The survival of NGOs is at stake!

With the many factors at play during this present hard economic times, many which are beyond our control, NGOs are finding hard to survive with income dropping by some 50% compared to those good times some 3 years ago. Many people have fallen into the B40 category and more are requesting us for help but how can we keep on helping when we are ‘drowning’ ourselves?

This is the dilemma we are facing right now – to go on helping until we run short of funds, cut down the numbers we are helping, reduce the amount of aid given out, dig deep into our “reserves” which we don’t have much or what else can we do?

NGOs, including YSJB, are in dire straits and we urgently appeal to the “haves” to help us to help the “HAVE-NOTS” – there is no other way out. We are desperate, now pushing the panic button and soon, the SOS button.

How long can we last if we keep on digging into the small reserve we have? I don’t really know?

Meanwhile, we have to brainstorm amongst ourselves to see how we can get more income to meet the ever-increasing cries for help from our clients (the Poor & Needy).

Desperation calls for quick and drastic decisions to keep us afloat so that we can continue helping people in the B40 group. We can pray but we have to do something – ACTION!

Meanwhile, there’s always hope and with great expectations from our clients to continue supporting them, NGOs like us are experiencing stress to a certain degree. Don’t think that only work life has got stress – volunteers like us too have stress. Ha ha!

Read this article where we share the same sentiments ………/ngos-call-for-donations…

Once again, we appeal to you for your continuous and unwavering support which we know you will – the good news is there is enough money for us to help the poor, the bad news is that the money is still in your pockets!

YSJB has survived for a good 10 years since being recognized by ROS(Registrar of Society ( of Soc on 14th Sept, 2012 and having obtained our income tax exemption status on 1st Jan, 2020, we have done pretty well touching so many lives. We have seen families transformed, pulling them out of poverty and now living a better life. That’s HAPPINESS!

Don’t you not want to be our synergy partners in helping the Poor & Needy(we call them “our clients”), we are there for them, serving them with L❤️ve & Humility – that is our only job which we know best!

We run around daily, 365 days a year for the hungry and poor – their stomachs know no holidays – they still have to eat whether it is a holiday or not!

As I am writing this, we are now in the midst of preparing a big Deepavali do this coming Sat, 22/10/2022 at Tasek 64 flats, the poor areas in Masai, Johor for 250 families (about 1,000 people) with cooked food, goodies bags (with Promac milk powder), dressed chickens, eggs, Walls ice cream, sanitizers, etc.

We hope this assistance for the poor will not be our last as we are thinking of the Christmas season again for our clients.