Welcoming a young volunteer from Taiwan!

Welcoming a young volunteer from Taiwan!

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – Welcoming a young volunteer from Taiwan!
Today, 21/7/2022, YSJB had the great pleasure in welcoming a 14-yo student from Taipei, Taiwan who is in Malaysia for a 2-month school summer holiday.

Amelyne, appeared with her grandma, Judy at 10.00 am sharp at our YSJB’s office. I took both of them around and showed them what we have in the office and a little briefing about what we do.

She left her grand daughter with me. Gave her our red jacket and she made herself a volunteer tag to be worn around during our rounds later on.

Since we were doing up our donation boxes, she did up a few boxes before our next assignment which was to take bread/buns from Vburg at MasLee Express, Taman Molek.
Took the bread and we headed back to the office to wait for another 2 volunteers, Chong & wife, Peggy. Chong drove myself and Amelyne to Kulai while Peggy stayed at the office to do packing and other administrative work with other volunteers.

We headed straight to a reflexology center run by the blind. After much discussion, we agreed to fund them RM4,000 .00 to run the shop and agreed to give them a preloved laptop for keeping records. The shop is manned by 3 blind people, 2 females and 1 male. The clerk there is partially blind too but can see clearly enough to operate a laptop. So far, after 6 months in operation, income is enough to cover the rental of RM1,500 and water/electricity bills of RM700. The place is very clean and well run. Those of you in Kulai, do drop by and support them.

We feel honoured to be able to help the blind to stand on their own feet. Depending on the business uptake, En Ezan hopes to take in another 3 blind persons to help out so as to make the blind useful and employable.

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We must help our blind sisters and brothers to have dignity and pride and be able to live like normal as any of us.

It was raining heavily as we headed back to Thai Imperial Reflexology at 217, Jalan Dato Sulaiman, Taman Century, 80250 JB to hand over 2 donation boxes to Bro Kenzo. We are placing our donation boxes all over JB as a source of income for us to run our Foundation.
Quick rush to PPR flats at Kempas to take 125 packets of cooked food (black pepper sauce chicken rice) sponsored by a kind lady for students of Netherlands Maritime University College (Bakar Batu), Graceville Home (Plentong) and B40 at Tasik 64 flats, Seri Alam, Masai.
It was about 5.24 pm when we reached the office and Chong/Peggy ‘delivered’ Amelyne back to her grandma at Taman Pelangi, JB at 6.13 pm.

What a day it had been for a young volunteer from Taiwan!

Message from grandma:
“She’s exhausted, never worked so much but happy!! 👍
It must have been a memorable experience for Amelyne. She will be off to S’pore soon and she wants to do another round of volunteering with us before she flies off to Taiwan to resume her studies. And we are extremely glad to let people know what volunteerism is all about.

Any of your friends, local or foreign, they are welcomed to follow us on our daily rounds. The experiences and real life stories we narrate as we run around with you is ‘definitely something money can’t buy’!