Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) - Suki, our 9 yo darling!

Suki, our 9 yo ‘darling’!

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – Suki, our 9 yo ‘darling’!
Sometime ago, on 3/7/2022, we visited Suki whom we have full of admiration because she single-handedly looked after the whole household as her father is incapable of looking after himself due to stroke – shopping, washing, cleaning, going to school, going for tuition, bathing her father, cooking, etc – you name it, she does them!


We visited Suki again on 9/7/2022 (on my birthday itself) when I was in KL attending to some YSJB’s matters.

Waiting for me at 11.30 am 9/7/2022 was Bro Chong Sen (my UPM mate), our KL partner tasked to oversee the affairs of this family. We gave ‘goodies’ enough to last them for about 3 months.
Suki was not around this time, she had gone for tuition and we met Bro Wong’s brother who was there to attend to his stroke-strikken brother – someone must be around all the time to be with him as his movements were very limited.

Other than paying the monthly RM500 rental from July to Dec 2022, we want to ensure all is smooth sailing for father and daughter. Indeed, this 9 yo Suki is so matured and composed that she puts me to shame – she is years ahead of her age, perhaps being pushed against the wall to do what she is doing now. She has our highest salutation and admiration! We have ‘adopted’ her into our YSJB’s family!

Her father, Bro Wong, had a stroke about 7 years ago and her mum, a Vietnamese, died about 1.5 years ago leaving Suki to run the household. They live at the 4-storey walk-up flats at Damansara Damai.

With Bro Chong Sen who lives nearby attending to this family and with YSJB ‘watching’ over them, we believe that they will be ok.