YSJB’S WEEKLY RMCO REPORT (28/9/2020 – 4/10/2020)

YSJB’S WEEKLY RMCO REPORT (28/9/2020 – 4/10/2020).

Hi Folks,

A very good morning to everyone from Seri Alam, Masai, Johor.

What a week it has been! Full of activities running around but the one thing foremost on everyone’s mind is the 3-digit rise of COVID-19 cases in 🇲🇾 recently and the numbers of ministers infected and many have been home-quaranteened including our PM.

Yes, as a social worker still on my rounds since 18th Mar 2020, it is work as usual. I still take the necessary precautions(like wearing a face mask, changing every 4 hours, sanitising my hands as frequently as possible, some 8 times a day until my hands are ‘drunk’, avoiding touching my nose, eyes, etc, giving masks to anyone not having one(I always have masks in my cargo pants), spraying the interior of my vehicle with sanitizers before calling it a day, not touching anything when I get home, leaving all my shoes, bags, etc outside my door for sanitising, putting all my clothings in a pail in the bathroom and straight for a shower). But I am not afraid. I don’t worry about what I can’t control – don’t be afraid of dying, be afraid of living with nothing to die for!

The Poor & Needy out there desparately needs our help, daily cries/pleas for help, can we just ignore them? No, someone has to do it and I choose freely to volunteer(OBS – Others Before Self) in line with Yayasan Suria JB’s motto ‘To serve with love and humility’.

You will never know the real situation on the ground until you walk the ground, feel the pulse of the Poor & Needy, OMG! They really need help!

– Taking biscuits(milk stick roll) from 448 Food Bank Johor in Skudai, donated by Win Win Food Industries, Tampoi for distribution to the Needy.
– To a family in Ulu Tiram, both husband and wife in wheelchairs, gave them biscuits and dry/wet food provisions, they gave us the best chicken curry, cooked with love as an appreciation for helping them. This simple gesture makes us feel motivated and appreciated.

– Went to Taman Molek to take 100 boxes of Rise for Hunger rice for distribution to Poor & Needy.
– Dash to Taman Adda Heights to get preloved baby items, children clothings, etc. All in good conditions, all washed and cleaned.

Seeing the happy faces of recipients of these preloved items are really rewarding, something money just can’t buy, you have to be there to experience them, come join us, hop on the wagon and volunteer with us!
– Another run to Befrienders office in Taman Melodies for more preloved items and distribute to families in Plentong and Desa Tebrau.
– Visited a client in Taman Harmoni, on dialysis, no money to fix a catheter, arranging funds, trying to get it fixed foc by a doctor.

– Bought RM2k face masks at charity price from a good friend, RM4. 80 for a box of 50 pieces.
Many know we are an NGO doing charity work and they too want to be part of us by giving us either foc or at a special price, thank you, thank you.
– YSJB funds 10 local university students and this one studying Landscape Architecture in UITM is an exemplary student who could hardly speak/write a word of proper English when we first took her in some 4 years ago. She is the eldest of the 8 siblings, family is very poor staying in Taman Mount Austin, JB.

These are unedited:

“Hi Uncle, I forgot to tell you, my result have come out.”

“This is my achivement in the semester 5”

“Well done, congrats!
Keep it up!

“Thankyou uncle. 😊💪🏻
I will do the best.”

“Am proud of you, considering who you were in 1st year when you were so raw, can’t speak/write good English, now you are a polished gem!”

“I dare myself to speak and write in english and learn to be confident starting from you who convinced me to speak. Now I am still studying and try to speak with correct pronunciation. thank you uncle for your encouragement and kindness throughout my study. i really appreciate it a lot. May God bless you.”

” 👍👍👍”

” Uncle will be even prouder when I see Nur graduate soon, can’t wait.
If possible, Uncle will be delighted to attend your graduation.”

“Thank you uncle, I am very lucky and so happy if uncle can come on my graduation day soon.😊🙏”

– 2 quick dashes to Taman Serene in JB and Taman Scientex in Pasir Gudang to collect preloved items.
– Collected organic vegetables in Plentong for distribution.
– Off to Taman Desa Tebrau to give baby prem, baby clothings to the Myanmar lady YSJB helped to deliver her baby in HSIJB in Sept 2020.
– At 8.30 pm, in JB to distribute cooked food, biscuits, masks and mineral water to the Homeless near JB Sentral/Railway Station.

– Was at Ulu Tiram Tamil School 10.00 am to distribute stationaries, uniforms, etc to 10 poor students, items donated by an anonymous person.
While there, offered the school free spectacles and BTS(Back To School) program during year end.
– Fixed up a job for a Single mother with 5 children, as a house cleaner in Permas Jaya.
– Was at Zainals Place to entertain a supporter from KL and to collect money from the donation box there, best authentic Malay food in JB(89, Jalan Keris, Taman Sri Tebrau, 80050 Johor Bahru, Johor) thanks Dezan for allowing us to put the donation box there, we are glad to have you as our partners in helping the Poor & Needy.
Anyone who can help us to have our donation boxes placed anywhere, please do contact me, thanks.
For info, money collected was RM808.00 – 🙏🙏🙏.
– Attended JASA’s meeting in Kulai, arranging to give out food provisions/cash to 170 families on Sun, 25/10/2020, a joint-project of 4 NGOs under the IMSHA’s umbrella.
– Visited Jia Hua, the 23-year-old boy who fainted sometime ago, admitted to HSAJB and YSJB paid for his hospital bills as he couldn’t afford to pay.
He stays in Nusa Bistari and since we were otw back from Kulai, we dropped by to visit and have dinner with him to find out how he was doing.
– While visiting and giving food aid to families, mothers have coined the word ‘Promac baby’, literally meaning that their babies were fed with instant milk powder from NZ imported by Promac, given to YSJB for distribution to Poor & Needy.
Promac(Promac Industries (Johore) Sdn. Bhd) has been giving us instant milk powder for years, and especially so stepping up during the Covid-19 period beginning 18th Mar 2020.
At first when the word ‘Promac baby’ were mentioned, little did I realised what the mothers mean, then it sank in, I was having 😢 eyes, knowing that babies feeding on ‘condensed milk’, too poor to be fed on formula milk were being fed with Promac’s milk for the past few years, they have really grown up to become chubby babies.

Thanks Promac for your generosity and gracefuleness all these years for being our partners in this journey to help the Poor & Needy, thank you, thank you!

– Visited Pusat Penjagaan Orang Tua En Teck at Taman Sri Putri, Kulai, Johor. Another NGO is raising funds to buy over the present Home(RM460k) which they are renting and YSJB donated RM5k to kick-start the campaign.
A lovely Home managed by a husband-wife team, salute to them for taking care of the old folks, some paying, some partial paying and some foc.
– Received a call from one of our many clients on our monthly financial aid list. She is a single mum with 2 kids, now on TB treatment, now staying in a rented flat in Permas Jaya. She works as a promoter in a departmental store earning RM720.00 monthly.
She requested her monthly aid be increased from RM150 monthly to RM250, instantly approved.
– Funded Lymphedema lady, Chitra, another RM350 for her final dressing in PJ. She is heading home to Kluang finally, after having this ‘big leg’ condition for the past 21 years, operated in UMMC PJ in June 2020, fully funded by YSJB.
We are extremely happy for her.
– Usual distribution of Ensure milk to all our clients at the beginning of the month.
2 tins Permas Jaya(Cancer), 2 tins Permas Jaya(ARC), 1 tin Permas Jaya(TB), 4 tins Megah Ria(Cancer), 12 tins Kota Masai(paralysis) & 3 tins Johor Jaya(dialysis)
– Received a call from Fig Cafe, Taman Molek at 8.00 pm saying they got 28 packets of cooked food and Milo drinks to give away, I was dead tired after running around the whole day, OBS(Others Before Self) knowing that 28 hungry mouths will benefit, sprang into action, took the food from Taman Molek and distributed to families in, Megah Ria, finally arriving home at 10.45 pm. What a day!
– Bank statement(17/8/2020 – 15/9/2020) just came, a whooping and staggering RM87,553.54 given out for the period mentioned.

Yes, RM87k plus given out, bank statement do not lie.

I must thank God for the many donors/supporters who made this possible inspite of the difficult times when everyone is trying to survive due to the covid-19 pandemic.

We dared to spend as the needs of the cries/pleas for help are ever growing.
We are also hard strapped for cash to help but we dared to spend knowing that God provides.
Everytime we give out, funds just flow in, I don’t understand but it has worked all these while.

God leads the way, Brother here just follow. Amen!

– Lymphedema lady, Chitra, arrived at home-sweet-home in Kluang after being away since June 2020 for her operation in UMMC where they ‘shaved’ off 8 kgs of her flesh from her left leg, miracles do happen and its true, thank God all went well and we hope Chitra will lead a normal life again after 21 years with her ‘big leg’.

– Attended Seminar on ‘Poverty Line Income 2019’ at Bangunan Sultan Ismail, Iskandar Puteri, Johor.
Attended by Minister in Prime Minister Department(Economy), Dato’ Sri Mustapa Mohamed.

Thank you & God bless.