YSJB’S WEEKLY RMCO REPORT (5/10/2020 – 11/10/2020)

YSJB’S WEEKLY RMCO REPORT(5/10/2020 – 11/10/2020.

Hi Guys,

A very good morning to all of you, another great day ahead to serve our fellow brothers and sisters.

I had another eventful week, full of passion, working non-stop, enjoying every minute of it serving others, all fired up, OBS(Others Before Self).

YSJB is indeed a ‘Cradle-to-Grave’ Foundation!

I can’t think of anything that we haven’t done – from handling a 15-year-old pregnant girl, to delivery of a baby for a Myanmar lady in HSIJB and now(10/10/2020) paying for the columbarium(RM4,880.00) of one of our clents who just passed away recently.

Ok, lets get on with the report.

– I was at Grace’s Ma Ma Nyonya restaurant in Taman Desa Tebrau, JB exploring collaboration of providing cooked food for Poor & Needy, fantastic food there, reasonably priced and lots of varieties to choose from.
Visit them at:
20, Jalan Harmonium 12, Taman Desa Tebrau, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor.
– Quick dash to Taman Majidee to submit our accounts to S E Lai CK, chartered accounting company.
– Dropped by Iskandarian office at Taman Impian Emas, JB to pick up vests.
– Picked up organic veg from Plentong for distribution to Poor & Needy.
– Passed 12 boxes masks(1 box = 50 pc) to an NGI(Non Govt Individual) in Permas Jaya, Masai for distribution to the Needy. We are buying lots of masks for distribution foc, many are too poor to put food on table, let alone buy masks to wear, think about the situation the Poor & Needy are in!

– Early in the morning, to Interway’s warehouse in Pasir-Gudang to pick up instant milk powder from Promac, thanks Interway for helping out with the logistics and Promac for your continuous and unwaivering support all these years, literally many babies here in Masai/JB are now labelled as ‘Promac babies’ for they have grown up feeding on the milk given by Promac, before many were on ‘condensed milk’.
We took 26 cartons, each with 25 x 1 kg bag. Unloaded at our ‘store’ in Jalan Bakawali, Taman Johor Jaya.
– Went to Oren shop in Johor Jaya to sort out the vests for JASA, function on 25/10/2020 where we shall be giving out dry food provisions for 170 families in Kulai, Johor.
– Was at NSK, Ulu Tiram to buy food for a family, both father/mother on wheelchairs, bought RM147.80, also gave them 5 x 1 kg milk powder from Promac.
– Quick run to Chaya Optical Centre, 21, Jalan Dedap 13, Johor Jaya, 81100 Johor Bahru to take 2 pairs of spectacles for 2 poor students, this optical shop has been our CSR partner for years, charging us only a nominal amount, RM160.00 for 2 pairs of spectacles, thank you, thank you!

– Was at Inkjet Printing Marketing, 19, Jalan Rosmerah 2/10, Taman Johor Jaya to change wordings ‘excempted’ to ‘exempted’ for the stickers on our official MPV(Toyota Innova), the stickers sponsored by a kind soul who wish to be anonymous.
Very well done and professional in their work. Great service too.
– Visited Chandran, a polio victim himself, our partner helping the Poor & Needy, he helps us to put our donation boxes in restaurants/cafes. What a shinning example of someone serving others inspite of his disability which he turned it into something useful to serve society instead of wallowing in self pity. Salute Chandran!

For info, his only daughter, now in final year Law studies in MSU(Management Science University, Shah Alam, Selangor is sponsored by YSJB.
Chandran’s wife died of cancer 2 years ago.
– Took some damaged donation boxes for repair, proud to informed that the repairs were done by one of our member, Mr Yap, a 85-year-old man, great workmanship and he felt so useful being able to be part of YSJB in serving the Poor & Needy.
Thanks so much Mr Yap senior!
– Quick dash to Calvary Victory Centre, Taman Sutera Utama, JB to take a lot of new clothings for children.
We gave them instant milk from Promac and biscuits from Win Win Food Industries Sdn Bhd.
According to the teachers there, many parents have lost their jobs due to Covid-19 pandemic and needed help, we told them we shall bring more goodies again.
– Collected biscuits(200 packets) from a warehouse in Mount Austin, RM250.00 paid for by Club 27 Fitness Molek, 22-01, Jln Molek 1/5C, Taman Molek, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor.
For our Sun, 26/10 function in Kulai for 170 families. Thanks Bro Joseph Tok for your generosity and continuous support.
– Went to Taman Gaya to get a good friend to help YSJB to set up a PayPal Account, YSJB needs funding to run our many activities and this PayPal account will make it easier for people to donate from overseas and through their credit cards.
This guy wants to remain anonymous, salute!
– Was at our ‘store’ in Johor Jaya to give away 100 x 1 kg instant milk from Promac, 3 tins Ensure milk, 2,000 pc face masks, 100 packets Rise for Hunger rice and 5 x 12 packets biscuits from Win Win Food Industries to an NGI for distribution in the Sri Stulang flats, JB.
– Collected donation box at Poh Kee Restoran, Johor Jaya.
Those reading this and wish to help us to place our donation boxes at Coffee shops/restaurants/hotels/office, please let us know, you can be our partners, we can send the boxes to you anywhere by courier.

– Was at Grace’s Ma Ma Nyona restaurant, Taman Desa Tebrau, this time to confirmed collaboration of cooked food for Poor & Needy, thank you!
– Off to Interway’s warehouse in Pasir Gudang to collect 21 cartons of 25 bags x 1 kg milk powder donated by Promac, straight to our store in Johor Jaya, with 4 cartons(100 x 1 kg bag) going to an NGI in Ulu Tiram for distribution to Poor & Needy.
– Collected organic veg from Plentong and gave to Sugi(both husband/wife on wheelchairs) in Ulu Tiram.
– Passed 8 x 1 kg instant milk powder from Promac and 1 box biscuits(144 packets) to a family in Taman Daya, husband died some 6 years ago leaving his wife with 5 kids, they are on YSJB’s monthly financial aid.
– To Desa Jaya to pass milk powder from Promac, organic veg and soft toys to Ya Min, the Myanmar lady YSJB helped to deliver her baby in HSIJB in Sept 2020.
– Gave RM300.00 to a student in Plentong for achieving 3 ‘A’ in her SPM results, our way of encouraging her to study well and to help the Poor family.
– Paid RM750.00, being half month rental for Chitrawathy’s(Lymphedema lady) stay in KL, she came back to Kluang.

– Serviced YSJB’s MPV(Toyota Innova) in Ulu TIram, changed oil filter and cylinder oil, all paid for by an anonymous person who will take care of the MPV’s repairs/servicing, thank you, 🙏🙏🙏.

For info, the MPV covers an average of 120 km daily, tending to the Poor & Needy.
– Another run to Desa Jaya to deliver soft toys to a family.
– Quick dash to Taman Megah Ria to deliver preloved clothings, shoes, etc to a family who will then give them to others.
– Again to Calvary Vision Centre, Sutera Utama to deliver 100 x 1 kg milk powder from Promac.
– One more run to Taman Gaya to take preloved children clothings, final dash as I just received a call, one of YSJB’s clients, with cancer/TB just passed away, no money for funeral expenses.
– Was at wake in JB 10.00 pm to discuss funeral arrangements, managed to get foc wake expenses(coffin, prayers, cremation, etc.)
Since there are no takers for columbarium and with the Undertaker undecided where to put the urn as no money was paid, YSJB paid for the cost at RM4,880.00 – finally managed to get back the amount donated by an anonymous person later on, thanks.
The family was just too poor, grandma cried when she heard YSJB paid for the cost of the columbarium.
We too discussed the plight of the 2 children, 17 & 15, the monthly financial aid of RM150 for the deceased will go half-half to both the children.
Indeed, this is the fifth case of deceased families where we are helping the children after their parents passed away.

10/10/2020.- Off to Kluang 8.00 am to visit our Lymphedema lady, Chitra in Kluang.
Together with another Indian group from Masai, RM1,040.00 was given to Chitra for her post operation dressing expenses, 90% recovered. We are encouraged by her progress and will journey with her, someone has agreed to give her a job after her complete recovery soon.
A pharmacy in Kluang is looking at supplying her the necessary dressing stuffs and 2 tins Ensure milk to aid in her recovery.
For info, YSJB funded for all her operation costs in UMMC KL, her rental stay, food, etc.
She was 160. 70 kgs before operation to shave off the flesh from her left leg, now she is down to 81.30 kgs, a massive 80 kgs reduction in weight.
What a relief after 21 years bearing with this condition.
Read on…….

– A call from one of our clients, his ATM card was swallowed by the ATM machine, no money to pay for rental for room(2 months deposit, 1 month advanced rental, etc.
This boy has got no relatives and he has no one to turn to, his father/mother died when he was 3 years old, adopted by a lady who died about 4 months ago, he was referred to us some 5 months ago, he was in HSAJB with no money to be discharged, we took care of everything.
Went to ATM machine to do the needful to him.
A desparete soul in distress finally can breathe easy – we nicked name him ‘pretty boy’.

-Its Sun, a day of rest and relaxation. Not to be?

Taking goodies from MasLee’s Food Bank(Taman Dahlia, Tampoi) in collaboration with Rotary Club of Johor Centennial.

These groceries were donated by shoppers in a big basket just after/outside the payment counter, people buy extras and drop there so that MasLee can team up with NGOs like YSJB and Rotary Club Johor Centennial.
Sprang into action immediately after collection and distributed to 7 families in Plentong areas, rice, bihun, condensed milk, sardines, flour, sugar, cooking oil, ikan bilis, etc.

I can’t have asked for anything more knowing that many poor families don’t have to go hungry, at least, for a night or two.

Happiness & joy all round.

Thank you & God bless.