Action speaks Just do it YSJB 2022 May

Action speaks – Just do it (JDI)

Yayasan Suria JB (YSJB) – Action speaks – Just do it (JDI).

Yes, at YSJB, we believe in action instead of just talking. For our clients (the Poor & Needy) need to be served instead of just pitying them and doing nothing about it.

Whilst in the process of serving our clients with L❤️ve & Humility, we get a whole list of issues with our supporters(donors), fellow NGOs/NGIs and our clients themselves. Strange? Yes, it is!

As the same kind of rice can feed all sorts of people, referring to various possibilities of people’s ideas, so too are the many issues faced by volunteers in YSJB as we go about doing our daily chores.

Some of our supporters(whom we are grateful to for their fundings, without which we can’t have the money to feed our clients) are very demanding and dictate to us how their donations are to be used. They only want YSJB to support a certain race/religion. We politely tell them we are colour-blind (our core values in which the Foundation was founded) and if they wish not to support us, they are free to do so.

We were “chased” out of our previous office in Jalan Bakawali 52 Johor Jaya (which we squatted for free) just because we supported the Rohingyas and that person was not happy with us. However, it was a blessing in disguise as now we got our own office and one of the requirements of our approval by PayPal(credit card payment system) was that we must have a physical office with a proper sign board.

For info, donations to YSJB can be through online banking (Hong Leong bank), QR code (Bank Islam), credit card (PayPal) and the soon-to-be Touch-n-Go card.

We have only 2 donors who have pulled out due to our colour-blind policy. We get about 300 donors monthly indicating that we are on the right track and to all of them “thank you” for your continuous and unwavering support all these 10 years.

Next, comes our clients – sometimes we were scolded for being late, not delivering fast enough as their expectations, giving too little, giving ‘goodies’ not according to what they wanted, some keep on calling you day and night, some changing names to obtain more aid, etc etc.

Nevertheless, we are here to serve with L❤️ve & Humility and we willingly obliged.

Now, comes my fellow NGOs/NGIs/volunteers. Some demand that you support them as if it is their birth right as they say YSJB can support others, why not them and they don’t talk to you when you don’t support them, some borrow money from you personally and when it’s time for repayment, these are some of the answers:

1. Be rest assured I shall pay you.
2. Some cut off your hp no.
3. Some of them pretended as if they owe you nothing when you meet them at events.
4. Some even don’t answer your calls.
5. Some asked you to engage a lawyer to sue them if you want back your money.
5. Some denied they have taken your money.

Of course, the money was given in good faith without any ‘collateral’ and through Goodwill and friendship.

Nevermind, it’s part & parcel of a volunteer’s “scope of job” and life itself. For a volunteer lives many lives – I would rather own little and see the world, than own the world and see little of it!
Such is the realty of a dog-eat-dog world out there even for volunteers who served with L❤️ve & Humility to help the Poor & Needy. We are not complaining for many of you out there will never know such situations/circumstances exist.

Running an NGO or being a volunteer demands the highest forms of honesty and integrity. It is the TRUST donors have in the person running the NGO like YSJB that we continuously are able to get funds to run.

Many of my donors have told me that the day I die will also be the day they will stop funding YSJB as they can’t trust the person running the Foundation anyone – the person running the Foundation is synonymous with the Foundation – the two can’t be separated!

Until the ‘coming of that fine day’ which is inevitable, life goes on for volunteers/NGOs like us who will continue serving humanity.

I know what death is all about, having been “near” it exactly 20 years ago in 2020 when I was diagnosed with lung cancer, doctor removed one of the 5 lobes of my lungs.

What is life and money when you were given another 20 years to live!

Read on ………….

It is in talking about death that you live to the fullest each day, living everyday as if it will be your last – nothing taboo about it, a reality of life, nothing to be feared but more to be lived, enjoyed and cherished before death comes to all of us.

As usual, I leave you with my favorite to ponder about:
“I shall pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.”