CSR Yayasan UEM with YSJB 2020 Nov

Yayasan UEM

*Guang Ming Daily News:* Johor Bahru, 7th November 2020.

*Yayasan Kebajikan Suria Johor Bahru’s Deepavali Gift Packages for the Poor.*

(The representatives of the beneficiaries took a group photo at a safe distance after receiving the gift bags.

From left: James Ho Ah Kong and Kuru Naidu, and fourth from the left is Rohayah)

Yayasan Kebajikan Suria JB(YSJB) and Ihsan Johor today distributed 90 aid packages to poor Indian families at Tasek 64 Flats, Seri Alam, Pasir Gudang, helping them to have a happy Deepavali celebration.

This event was sponsored by Yayasan UEM. A total of 18 volunteers participated in the event.

The Chairman of the organising committee, Mr Kuru Naidu disclosed that each aid package is worth more than RM200 and is rich in its contents, including daily necessities, food, rice and milk powder, which can meet the needs of each of the beneficiary families.
He pointed out that due to the impact of the pandemic, only 10 representatives of the beneficiaries attended today to receive the gift bags, and the rest will be distributed door-to-door by volunteers. The beneficiary families are spread out in the Sri Alam, Chendana, Kota Masai and Plentong areas respectively.

Participants at the event included James Ho Ah Kong, the Secretary of Yayasan Kebajikan Suria JB and Rohayah, the representative of Ihsan Johor.

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新山苏丽雅福利基金 赠贫户屠妖节礼包

(光明日报 新山7日讯)新山苏丽雅福利基金(Yayasan Kebajikan Suria)和柔佛善行组织(ihsan Johor)合作,今日派发90份援助品给巴西古当一带的贫困印裔家庭,让他们开心迎接屠妖节。

这项活动获得了UEM阳光基金(Yayasan UEM)的赞助支持,共有18名志工参与派发活动。




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