YSJB’S WEEKLY RMCO REPORT (26/10/2020 – 1/11/2020)

YSJB’S WEEKLY RMCO REPORT (26/10/2020 – 1/11/2020).

Hi Folks,
A very good morning, another great week ahead, never a moment of dullness helping the Poor & Needy, the encouragement, hope and love they give you are immeasurable, indeed we have so much more to learn from them, I enjoyed every moment serving them – in line with YSJB’s motto “To serve with l❤️ve & humility”.

26/10/2020. – Another quick run to Interway’s warehouse in Pasir Gudang to take Promac’s milk. 4 other NGOs were there too to take for their respective clients.
– Delivered Promac milk to the following 4 places:
. Jalan Ibrahim(Again & Again),
. Sri Stulang flats(NGI),
. Nusa Bistari(iKasih), take wheelchair for patient and deliver to HSAJB,
. Cerebral Palsy, JB and at the same time, took preloved clothings.
– Our partner, Rumah Jannah Perlis(RJ), meet up with the relevant authorities in Kangar, Perlis to discuss Puan S, the woman caught for prostitution, fined RM4k and will go to prison if she couldn’t raise the money, YSJB in collaboration with RJ is helping out Puan S and her 7 children, ranging from 3 to 17 years of age.
– Torn between going to Semporna, Sabah for non-medical relief mission and TV filming of YSJB by FINAS/RTM.
The Sabah trip will be for a 2-week stint, quarantine for 2 weeks when back, will be out of action for a month.
Will see how things go, now that JB is declared a COVID-19 red zone.

27/10/2020. – Another run to take Promac’s milk, another 4 NGOs involved, took a total of 2,400 x 1 kg bag.
– Distribution to 6 families in Plentong, Megah Ria and Permas Jaya areas, 360 x 1 kg bags of Promac milk.
– Quick run to Celebral Palsy, JB to take organic vegetables for distribution, gave them 20 x 1 kg Promac milk.
– Dashed to Melodies Garden to pass receipt to donor.
All our receipts are Income tax exempted(1/1/2020 – 31/12/2024).
28/10/2020. – Early morning run to Kota Putri, Masai to take biscuits, 32 boxes. 1 box = 300 packets.
These chocolate and almond flavoured biscuits will be fantastic for children.
– Quick run to Lawyer’s office in DNP Tower, JB to help a couple to do a legal adoption of baby, took documents to Commissioner of Oaths, etc. The happiness on the faces of the adoptive parents is enough to tell me what ‘happiness’ is all about.
– Sent some biscuits taken from Kota Putri to a NGI(Non Government Individual) in Kluang.
– Quick bath and off again to JB Sentral/Railway Station to feed the ‘HOMELESS’ at 8.30 pm, many of them. 120 packets of cooked food, mineral water and biscuits.
They come from all walks of life, all races, young and old.
Many sleep by the walkways, they are grateful. We saw another NGO distributing food too.
They are poor but the spirit of sharing & caring amongst them put us to shame. They shared what ever little they have and cared for each other. These were the observations made when we mingled with them while they were enjoying their meals.
Can we share what we have with the have-nots?

29/10/2020. – To Kota Putri Masai to take another 36 boxes(1 box = 300 packets) of biscuits.
Thank you Mr J for your kind donation which will benefit many hungry people out there.
– We received 10 new ♿(wheelchairs) from BAKASA, KL. Another 1 given out to a paralysed lady by one, Mr Lim.
– Visited an old folks home in Tun Aminah, they have 4 houses with 60 inhabitants, gave them 80 x 1 kg Promac milk and 4 boxes biscuits.
– Collected our donation box from Tun Aminah, shop is closing down due to poor business, counted cash RM281.00 – thank you Mr Y, your honesty speaks volume of your character – you took the trouble of informing us to take back our donation box when you were winding down your business, thank you, thank you.
– Quick run to Taman Daya, delivered biscuits and Promac milk to a teacher, to be given to poor students in her school.

30/10/2020. – Was in TESCO, Seri Alam to take wheelchair/commode from a lady.
We shall give them away to another client.
– Due to JB now being a Covid-19 red zone, our Deepavali function in collaboration with Yayasan UEM, scheduled on Sat, 7/11/2020, is now postponed.
– Visited Uncle C in Taman Gembira, 2 old folks in their 80s, with 2 OKU Children, one 34 years old who is mentally retarded and one 36 years old who is paralysed.
The old lady, 82 years old fainted when I was there, told her I shall buy ‘red dates’ for her to increase her RBC. Traveled 30 minutes away to Impian Emas just to buy red dates, we promised, we delivered.
Also gave them dry provisions(Milo, cabbage, 🥕, 🍪, Promac milk, etc).
A lawyer friend also donated Brands essence of chicken and Ensure milk upon hearing my story of this couple.
– Off to Taman Melodies to take preloved house items(books, toys, kitchenware, etc) for distribution to the Poor & Needy.
– Another dash to Desa Cermerlang to pass dry provisions and baby toys to a Myanmar lady.
– To a poor family in Plentong with Promac milk and biscuits.
Single mum with 6 children, poor but happy.
Their happiness is real and contagious. I have got so much to learn about life from the many clients I am serving.
– Another run to Tampoi, to give 5 boxes of adult pampers(10 pcs) monthly to Puan S, bedridden and on ♿.
– Quick dash to Giant, Plentong to pass another 5 boxes adult pampers monthly(10 pcs per box) to Puan L whose mother is bedridden.
– Visited paralysed girl, H, in MK ElderCare Home, Kampong Melayu Majidee, to check on her progress and pass her some soft toys.
She is responding well to a twice-a-week physiotherapy session.
This 19-year-old girl has been with us since 12th Mar 2018 when we bought her a ventilator costing RM49,600.00 and we are paying for her monthly expenses at the Home since then.

– Decided not to go out to run around, never ending task of helping the Poor & Needy.
Cleared up all my administration work relating to YSJB, writing letters, printing out supporting documents of Standing Instruction(SI) from bank for our 43 clients totalling RM7, 400.00 monthly.

What a day!
Totally mental- drained but happy, knowing that many lives are touched just because someone cares.

Thank you & God bless.