YSJB’S WEEKLY RMCO REPORT (19/10/2020 – 25/10/2020)

YSJB’S WEEKLY RMCO REPORT (19/10/2020 – 25/10/2020).

Hi Folks,
Blessed good morning to everyone, great to be alive and enjoy every moment for this, once gone, will not come again.

As many of you might have read, YSJB is involved in prostitution. Since my post went viral, I was stunned by the many negative connotations associated with the word ‘prostitution’ – nevermind, no judgement here, we took the bull by the horn and helped the mother of 7 charged in court irrespective of what others say.

19/10/2020. – Arranging transport to ferry cupboards, drawers, etc from FLEXTRONICS, Senai to HSAJB We use our networks to facilitate a win-win situation for everyone.
– Arrival of 10 new wheelchairs from KL donated by BAKASA, from my old pal, we were studying in Kolej Pertanian Malaysia in Serdang way back in 1971/1974.
– Collecting preloved items from Taman Melodies for distribution to the Needy.
– Some time ago, we parked our YSJB’s official vehicle(Toyota Innova) at Johor Jaya. We are returned, we saw a row of cars being summoned by MBJB except ours, we asked the Officer and he replied “Encik ini buat kerja amal, hormat”(Mr, you so charity work, respect).
I am surprised social workers like us are being recognised by society.
– Went to Iskandarian office in Impian Emas to collect IMSHA’s lapel/vests.
– To ‘Again & Again'(preloved shop) in Jalan Ibrahim, JB to collect mask holders.
– Dropped by at OKU Chandran’s flat in Sri Stulang to pass him our donation boxes, this Polio person inspite of his disability helps us to place our donation boxes in cafes/restaurants – his daughter, Teeba, studying for her final year in Law at MSU is on YSJB’s tertiary bursary of RM2,400 yearly.
Those of you reading this, let me know if you can help us to place a donation box somewhere, thanks.
– Quick dash to our Chartered accounting office, SE LAI CK at Taman Majidee, JB to submit documents.
– Did an audit check in HSAJB for the equipments donated to their Rehabilitation Department in 2019/2020.
– Quick stop at petrol station to wash my hands frequently, as often as possible, pass biscuits/masks to attendants there.

20/10/2020.- At Adda Heights to collect preloved items, clothings, toys, etc(all washed, clean and usable), the person there was kind enough to invite me into his house to teach me ‘what is PDF/JPEC file’.
Thank you, Bro.
– A restaurant in Mount Austin sponsored us 200 packets of cooked food, rice & mee, 4 varieties of food, we helped in the packing too, caught in the rain while loading food, thanks to the many golf-sized umbrellas we received from donors, 100 packets to Sri Stulang flats, JB and 100 packets to Tasek 64 flats, Seri Alam, Masai.
Distributed the food according to standard SOPs with social distancing, wearing of masks, etc. Many thanks to Madam HB.
– Received from JPJ Putrajaya vehicle approval code for registration of Toyota Innova. All bodies registered with ROS are required to write in to JPJ Putrajaya for approval first before being allowed to register with their respective JPJ state office, took us a while, a lot of requirements needed for compliance, at last, the MPV is officially registered under YSJB’s name. Hurray!
– Collected kitchen cuttery from 3 families, many poor families requested us to give them cups, plates, pots & pans – those having these items in JB, please let us know, we can collect them and hand over to the Poor & Needy, thanks.
The smiles and gratefulness on the faces of recipients are worth our efforts ‘running around in circles’ doing all these, we serve with love 😍 & humility, our YSJB’s motto!
21/10/2020. – Sad, sad, sad. I shall try to describe 16 years of story in just a few lines.
Awzan(Muslim), this boy only 12 years old, 16 years ago(2004), came to us through HSAJB, his father & mother died of HIV/AIDS. He is positive. He stayed with his grandma, Madam Low(Chinese), she adopted the Malay cultures and way of life, doesn’t speak Chinese, only BM, from Kota Bahru, Kelantan.

We have been journeying with them for the past 16 years, they stayed at the slums at Jalan Tun Razak, JB – no house address, Awzan died about 10 months ago, at the age of 28, he finally succumbed to HIV/AIDS.
Madam Low just died 1 week ago, she was 84 due to old age and lung infection.

Well, what a story, 16 years condensed into a few lines, we have touched their lives, giving them as much financial support as possible but the warmth, love and care we shared together will always be cherished.
Poor as they were but their hearts 💕 were full of gold. Madam Low would go back to Kelantan and buy us the best ‘keropok ikan’, we love you Azwan & Madam Low, RIP! Bye, bye.

21/10/2020.- At the request of Rehabilitation Dept, HSAJB I went there with a guy doing curtains/railings to measure 3 areas needing partitions.
– Passing kitchen cuttery to a poor family in Permas Jaya.
– Dropped by Masai Utama to pass milk from Promac, biscuits and instant noodles 🍜 to a poor family with 6 children, this family is on our monthly financial aid of RM150.
– YSJB provides Ambulace services to our clients and those contacting us for such services.

“Hi Uncle James, i received a call from a family who needed help for ambulance service, they cannot afford to pay the service but need to take the mother for rawatan on the 22nd Oct.”

“May i know uncle, if you could help this family or any ngo that can?”

“Masyenah binti Mustafar
ic 531203 01 5302
Menghidap single lesion metastatic CA brain
Alamat no. 14 Jln Jasa 4, Presint Jasa, Taman Mutiara Rini, 81300 Skudai, Johor Bahru.

Rawatan start 22hb appointment pkul 9pg di Hospital Sultan Ismail(HSI)”

“Contact Mastura, tell her it’s under YSJB’s account.
+60 17-230 8818″

“Hi Uncle. Ok, mastura will arrange ambulance to come and pick up makcik at 8:30am on 22nd Oct and bring back home after treatment.”

“Good morning uncle james… i am Azizul… thank you so much for the help that you have provided… my sick mother in law has safely transported to HSI just now with my wife… i can do nothing in return accept pray to Allah to return your kindness ten thousand times than the kindness that you give to me…thank you so much”

– Off to Interway’s warehouse in Pasir Gudang to take Promac milk.
– YSJB teamed up with Yayasan UEM to do a Deepavali function for Hindus at Tasek 64 flats, Seri Alam, Masai.
Thank you Yayasan UEM for choosing us to be your partner, we are honoured.
Yayasan & Yayasan working together! .
– Shifting furniture, sofa sets, from Molek Pine 3 to Plentong, to be given away to Poor family.
At times when visiting our clients, we have to stand or sit on the floor – too poor to afford furniture, not even have enough food to eat.
This is the reality of life for the Poor, to them whatever furniture set, let alone these good ones, are like gold to them.

23/10/2020.- Producer of Factual TV, they got the approval from FINAS to do a documentary on YSJB(reannectment of our activities during MCO) for RTM, visited the sites for shooting, actual video shall be on 18/11/2020.
Also to get the relevant parties to sign Apperance release & Property release, a form of consent before actual video shooting.
– Went to Econsave, Plentong to buy Ensure milk, special offer, averaging RM74 a tin, 850 gm, for info we purchase 32 tins monthly for our clients.

24/10 /2020.
– Off to Interway’s warehouse early morning to collect Promac milk, this time involving 8 NGOs/NGIs, a total of 2,000 x 1 kg packets taken.
– Another trip to ‘Again & Again'(preloved shop) in Jalan Ibrahim, JB to collect mask supports.
– Quick dash to Desa Cemerlang to pass toys/masks to Ya Min, the Myanmar lady YSJB help to delivered her baby in HSIJB.
– An NGO came to our store in Johor Jaya to take instant noodles and Promac milk for his clients.
– Online RM4k to Puan R of Rumah Jannah Perlis for single mum with 7 children caught for prostitution in Kangar, Perlis, fined RM4k and to be jailed for 8 months if she couldn’t pay. We went to her rescue.

25/10/2020. – Our big JASA project at Kulai, a collaboration of 4 NGOs to serve the Poor & Needy.
Please read attached report.

Thank you & God bless.